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Easily Compare Credit Terms with Each Other

Sometimes you can not see the forest for the trees. This wisdom also applies to the numerous loan offers of the various banks. In addition, for example, interest conditions are made dependent on other factors such as the term and the creditworthiness of the applicant. For this reason, a credit comparison can turn out to […]


Credit Card Comparison

Almost everyone today has their own checking account and most of them also have a debit card for this checking account. However, even today only very few bank customers have their own credit card, which of course the banks and credit card companies would like to change and offer online credit card. Now both banks […]


Spread To The Minimum, Mortgages Have Hit Bottom: Are You Asking For A Mortgage Or A Subrogation?

Do you want to see a stranger roll his eyes and not believe what he is hearing? Try to tell him something about the spreads that Italian banks currently practice on mortgages. He will ask you if you are joking, if you are sure. Indeed this anomaly, which is to the benefit of customers, is […]


Credit Cards – Types and Development

Mainly on the internet, but also in normal life, when shopping on a certain type of payment is used more often. In this context, the credit card is meant. The fact that there are some serious differences between different types of credit cards, most are not aware. Credit Cards – Differences and Development Credit card […]


Credit Cards for Students

As students are well known to travel and avoid carrying cash, students should choose to purchase a credit card. However, many banks or banks refuse to lend such a means of payment to persons who have insufficient liquidity. Especially the small monthly income of this group of people seems to be decisive for a rejection […]