How to increase the credit card limit to 40,000 euros

The credit card limit can be both a curse and a blessing. First, it grants you an upper limit that you can not exceed. Your spending on the credit card is capped and you are, to some degree, saved from excessive debt. On the other hand, this is precisely the potential disadvantage. If you can not make a payment anymore because you’ve already reached your limit, that’s annoying. At such a moment, a higher credit card limit would be more than helpful. There are ways in which you can increase this ceiling gradually and easily. In order to reach the five-digit range over time, for example, an exemplary payment policy is more important than regular salary increases. Which conditions still apply and what you should also consider, you will find in our article.

the essentials in brief

  • Your credit card limit can be increased in small steps
  • The increase requires a faultless payment history
  • In which steps your limit is increased, determines the bank
  • A temporary increase is usually possible by arrangement
  • The credit card limit can also be reduced by the bank
  • A relatively high limit entails risks

This is how the credit card limit is set

This is how the credit card limit is set

While cashless payments with the debit card will be debited in the next few days, such a process takes longer with the credit card. As a rule, the relevant account is debited at the end of the month. For this period of time you have virtually a small loan available: You buy on the 10th of a month, in fact, but only pay less than 3 weeks later. If your credit card account does not have enough coverage, you can settle the difference at once or by installments, depending on the model. The financial scope of your credit card is determined from the beginning. By applying for your card, you agree with the bank on a reasonable financial framework that is available to you via the plastic card. First, you can have a say in it, but the last word is always your financial institution.

The credit rating comes first

The credit rating basically determines your credit card limit. Incidentally, this also applies to a loan or for your discretionary framework. Your personal life circumstances as well as your credit bureau score play the decisive roles. From the amount of your income, past payment history or existing liabilities, the amount of your credit card limit ultimately depends. In addition there are internal guidelines of the individual banks, which can vary quite a bit.

In principle, a regular income together with a good credit bureau score speaks for a low default risk. The discretionary framework agreed when applying for your credit card is initially commensurate with your financial capabilities. If you do not have any special risk factors, a higher salary automatically means that you have more room to deal with your credit card limit.

Payment morality is important in the long term

Your bank keeps track of your behavior in financial transactions. This means that your reliability will affect your credit card limit. For example, settling your bills after letters of formal notice or regularly overdrawing your account framework will affect your rating at your bank. This provides you with the credit card and considers your risk of default as a cardholder. This can result in your credit card limit being lowered due to financial constraints or difficulties.

The reverse is true if you do not let anything get into debt financially. Paying all bills on time, on the one hand is a matter of course, which keeps you in trouble. On the other hand, a good payment history always contributes to giving you a higher credit card limit. After all, a bank relies on it to reliably get back the money it has lent. An impeccable balance of your previous finances meets the desire for a higher limit.

Your claims as a customer

The third aspect that decides on the size of your credit card limit is you. Your financial framework can be adjusted upwards at your request at any time. That your creditworthiness and the payment morality must be correct, in this case, as a prerequisite. Thus, increasing your credit card limit is realistic even if it exceeds your actual income. For this, however, you must have proven yourself in the long run as a reliable cardholder.

A relatively high limit can be justified, for example, with your employment. For example, if you travel a lot for work, and you’re billed for flights, hotel stays, and other expenses on your credit card, that’s the scenario. As a result, you claim your regular credit card and account to a great extent. As long as you settle the billing punctually at the end of the month, there is nothing in the way of a higher credit card limit. If your arguments are understandable and you are reliable, a higher margin of credit for your bank is not a problem.

How to increase your credit card limit

How to increase your credit card limit

As a rule, the credit card limit is in the lower to middle four-digit range. If you plan on getting a five-digit credit line, for example, $ 3,000, that’s a time-consuming process. You should always have your card in use and, as a cardholder, you must score above all for absolute reliability. In exceptional cases, for example, the Barclaycard is a credit card limit of up to 40,000 euros feasible, as we have heard from an “insider”. Basically, with other providers, a credit card limit in the five-digit range is possible, but we have at Barclaycard the best experience in the regular limit increase can make. To achieve such a goal, there are several parameters that must match each other. However, you can also do something with your own resources as well as your behavior. The increase can not be realized overnight, but only step by step.

Customize demands and usage

If you’ve been using your credit card for quite some time, you can always ask your bank for an increase. As long as you have proven a flawless payment history in the past, this is generally promising. Your bank adviser can tell you directly how your credit card limit can be increased. Here, too, your credit rating and your financial situation are in the foreground. However, it is always the secret of your bank that remains to be decided on which criteria are decided in detail. If necessary, up-to-date salary statements, sound justification and some negotiating skills can help you a lot.

A bank wants to earn money by issuing credit cards. That’s what makes them aware of the usage behavior of their customers. Every time you pay with your credit card to a dealer or mail-order company, the bank receives a small commission from it. This makes every single credit card purchase profitable for the bank. The more often you use your card, the better it will be for the profit of your financial institution. By making cashless payments as often as possible, it not only benefits your bank, but ultimately you as well. Provided you keep an eye on your costs and settle your credit card billing on time, you’ll certainly get your frequent use closer to your destination.

Another way to increase your credit card limit over the long term is to take advantage of your current opportunities. It is important not to strain this over measure. Leave a buffer of about 10% that you will not use up with your purchases. If you regularly use your credit limit almost to the full, you send a kind of signal to the bank. You could bring her further commissions with a higher credit card limit. Combine targeted frequent usage with the near exhaustion of your current credit card limit.

Some banks increase their credit card limit even without their own help. If you (almost) touch the upper limit of your credit limit month by month, your bank will take notice of it. A slight increase can also be arranged without you immediately notice. In this case, your bank rewards you for having met your payment obligations so far.

Attention: Your bank pays for withdrawals
The frequent use of your credit card and about 90% of your current credit card limit will only bring something to your bank when you shop. If you use the credit card primarily to withdraw cash, you will get exactly the opposite effect. If so, your bank may need to transfer fees to the bank with the cash machines you serve.

Transfer your own money

To increase the credit card size, you can contribute something yourself. By transferring money from your checking account to the credit card account at regular intervals, you will have more at your disposal. With this additional money input, a higher credit card limit can be agreed. In this way, you can prove your financial reliability, you work successfully to increase the limit for your credit card use continuously.

The disadvantages of this behavior are obvious. First, you must have an appropriate balance that you transfer to your credit card account. In addition, you may increase your consumption behavior with a growing credit card limit. This measure can be useful, if you convert all past expenditure in cash or with debit card to the payment by credit card. Your bank benefits from the increased use of your credit card and is more willing to increase your credit card limit. However, the possibilities are limited for you. In the future, you will be able to pay most of your purchases with your credit card. However, this is rarely true for craft bills and certainly not for services that require direct debit or bank transfer.

Higher limit for the trip
By depositing the credit card limit only temporarily increase, is usually not a problem dar. For example, you can pay an extra amount of money in advance to increase for the duration of your holiday abroad, the upper limit. An agreement with your bank is sufficient for this. However, this does not bring you a long-term higher credit card limit.

It is important to pay attention to the credit card limit

It is important to pay attention to the credit card limit

The extension of your credit card limit is anything but an automatic run. Your bank must have the impression through your previous behavior that you can deal responsibly with a larger availability framework. By optimizing your usage, you can gain confidence from all banks and get a higher limit. However, each institution is a bit different when it comes to increasing the credit card limit. While a bank would ideally give you a small premium every 6 months, the other person may double your credit card limit every year. A third party may increase your limit at even shorter intervals, but provides an absolute maximum that you generally can not reach.

Inquire in advance

If you want to expand your credit card limit, you should include this in your search for the right card from the beginning. Find a credit card provider that gives you the ability to raise your limit in the foreseeable future. Look carefully for the conditions you need to meet for such an increase. With the Barclaycard Visa you have a credit card that offers attractive conditions and whose limit you can increase by your actions. Whether that ultimately is sufficient up to a cap of 40,000 euros depends not least on you.

On your personal list of priorities, a credit card should also offer other benefits besides a dynamically customizable line of credit. Above all, it is important that you avoid unnecessary costs as much as possible. For some providers, you already have to pay to get the card, others use it for free, or every transaction costs a fee. There are still banks that offer credit cards completely free of charge. For some providers, you can also expect a startup bonus or credit interest on your credit card account. If you want to find the best credit card for you, it requires a lot of comparison and consideration of your claims.

Consider possible risks

In fact, prepaid credit card holders are best protected against misuse. As soon as the existing credit of the card account is plundered, there is nothing left to get over the card. As you increase your credit card limit, keep in mind the disadvantages that may arise in the worst case scenario. In case of loss or theft of your card you are always threatened with possible damage. This can be even more serious given an increased credit card limit.

As a rule, your bank is protected against such cases of abuse, but a certain residual risk remains. Depending on the provider, you may have a liability for (small) excess. In addition, it can not be ruled out that banks pay more attention to whether or not you have had any negligence on your part in the event of a particularly large amount of damage or if you should have reported it earlier. At least you should know this risk and be aware of possible consequences or disadvantages. Inquire as to whether, in such cases, you may incur costs due to a higher credit card limit.



To increase your credit card limit, you will need a lot of breath in several ways. It goes without saying that you pay your bills on time and that you will not be financially liable for anything else. You can obtain an extended disposition range by converting your current payment history to intensive use with your card. Get used to exhausting your current limit month by month. Ultimately, your bank will also benefit from the highest possible number of transactions. It should give you the impression that there might be more in the future. If you succeed in doing so, your credit card limit will skyrocket bit by bit.

Note in advance which provider will reward you with how fast and with which jumps. As far as the possibilities of increase are concerned, there are sometimes immense differences between the banks. Inform yourself and do not expect too much at once. Differences can be made especially with the credit cards themselves. There are some for free and cards where you pay extra for provision, leadership and every single transaction. Therefore, do not compare one-dimensionally and only with regard to the chance of a credit card limit growing as fast as possible. This is in any case a strong use of advantage. But if you are asked to pay for every single credit card payment, it makes very little sense. Except of course for your bank.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who sets the credit card limit? How can I increase my credit card limit? Does asking my bank do anything? Can my bank change the credit card limit without my knowledge? Can my credit card limit be increased temporarily? Why is my payment morality so important in the foreground?

Who sets the credit card limit?

Your bank sets a credit limit when the card is issued. You have a say in this as a customer, but you must remain realistic. In addition to your ideas, the limit is based primarily on your credit rating and reliability in financial matters. For example, if you do not pay for credit card bills or other commitments on time, it may have an impact on your credit card limit later on.

How can I increase my credit card limit?

You increase your credit card limit by various factors. First of all, exemplary behavior and a high level of financial reliability are the basic requirements. In addition, you should use your current credit card as often as possible for shopping and paying. Keep your limit in mind and do not exceed it. By doing so, you suggest to your bank that you may need a little more leeway and at the same time know your limits.

Does asking my bank do anything?

Especially if you are a customer for a long time with a financial institution, the personal conversation (even on the phone) is always worthwhile. With regard to your desire for a higher credit card limit, you should be able to provide a solid justification and further arguments. An impeccable history with your credit card provider speaks in addition to a higher availability.

Can my bank change the credit card limit without my knowledge?

This is possible in both directions without your direct knowledge. Your credit card limit may be reduced if you prove less creditworthy. This may be due to dunning procedures, delayed payments or other liabilities. Conversely, your frame can also be raised if your bank gives you additional confidence. Prerequisite for this is a regular and strong use of the credit card, which remains at all times. In order to expand your scope, it is not excluded that your bank then raises your limit.

Can my credit card limit be increased temporarily?

Especially when a holiday is due, this measure makes sense. At your bank, however, you should clarify in good time if there are any requirements. In some cases, the request to raise the credit line for one or two months is sufficient. Other providers require you to transfer some more credit to your credit card account. A temporary increase is hardly a problem.

Why is my payment morality so important in the foreground?

Your payment history suggests to the bank how reliable you are in terms of money. Your individual behavior determines the risk factor that you present to a lender. It is understandable that anyone who lends money wants to have it back safely and easily.

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