New: Bank Offers Negative Interest Credit Over 10,000 Euros!

Thanks to the low level of interest rates, loans are currently particularly cheap. Now there is a loan offer whose interest rates are even below zero. The online lending platform creditend lately lends money on which you as a borrower even earn a few euros. Due to a negative interest, customers do not have to repay the full loan amount over the monthly installments. What would have sounded like a joke until recently is now reality. Since mid-September, the offer for the negative interest loan over 10,000 euros. What you should know, read our article.

the essentials in brief

  • The negative interest loan over 10,000 euros has a 24-month term
  • The repayment rate is about 415 euros per month
  • As a borrower you need a good credit rating
  • Special repayments are possible at any time with this negative interest loan
  • The offer period ends on 7 October 2018

This is how negative interest loans come about

This is how negative interest loans come about

The credit market is hotly contested. Due to the steadily decreasing interest costs providers underbid themselves with ever more favorable conditions. Banks threaten to pay penalties by the Eurcent Bank Bank if they keep money in circulation rather than circulating it. First financial institutions have already responded by charging their customers negative interest on the current account. So now also loans, before the percentage of which is a minus sign. In the case of creditend’s negative interest loan, the lending rate is minus 0.4% per annum. All in all, a repayment of exactly 9,958.32 euros is due for the 10,000 euro loan, which brings you a savings of over 41 euros.

Already in 2017, first loans with negative interest rates made headlines. Loans were offered in the amount of 1,000 euros, for which a smaller amount had to be repaid. The savings were depending on the provider in the range of 50 euros. With creditend now one of the former providers lays generously. Recently, the online lending platform has offered a loan of $ 10,000 in the same pattern. Until the 7th of October, the period during which you can apply for the negative interest credit is still running.

The criticisms of the negative interest loan

The criticisms of the negative interest loan

When the first credit offers with negative interest came on the market, they were exposed to some tough criticism. The relatively small loan amount of 1,000 euros suggested that the credit models are merely marketing jokes designed to attract nothing but attention. Such “baits” should appeal to particularly creditworthy consumers, who then ultimately opt for a higher loan without negative interest. Prerequisite at that time as today was and is a good to very good credit rating. It can be considered safe that this will damage a loan project to a small extent. Consumers are considered financially unstable if they already need a loan for 1,000 euros.

Due to the current loan amount of 10,000 euros, the omens are slightly shifted. Although creditend will offer this loan not least out of self-interest out, but this sum justifies certain claims. If a lender demands a good to very good credit rating at 10,000 euros, that is more understandable than 1,000 euros. Apart from that, larger projects or projects can be realized with such a high sum. However, if you are seriously interested in the $ 10,000 negative interest loan, you should keep the conditions in mind. Make sure you can live with the fairly short term and repayment installments.

These conditions apply to the loan

These conditions apply to the loan

Loans are normally subject to a number of conditions. First and foremost is the bank’s interest in getting back the money it has lent. Added to this is the aspect that a borrower is not over-indebted. If this happens, it can lead to insolvency, causing both sides to have a problem. Last but not least, financial difficulties can ruin the borrower to such an extent that their entire existence is endangered or even destroyed.

For the offer of the negative interest loan over 10,000 euros conditions apply, which are more static than in many other cases. creditend offers consumers a profitable business and provides a relatively narrow margin for this. Here’s what you’ll learn about the requirements and conditions that apply to the low interest loan.

running time
For the repayment period creditend offers no negotiation margin. The negative interest loan over 10,000 euros has to be repaid within 2 years. While you have your own design options for each credit comparison at runtime, these are omitted here. One of the terms of the contract is that you have a maximum of 24 months to complete the repayment.

loan rates
Due to the relatively short term of 24 months you have to expect a slightly higher monthly rate. Since all credit conditions are predetermined, this repayment rate can be set to exactly 414.93 euros per month. This can be reduced if you transfer special repayment installments and thereby prematurely reduce your remaining debt.

additional costs
At the mentioned rate of 414.93 Euro per month, there are no further costs or fees. You can count on this repayment rate over the 24 months and you do not have to worry about any hidden costs.

special conditions
Without cost or agreement, you have the option of special repayment. This gives you the opportunity to transfer additional sums of money at any time in addition to your usual installments. Your residual debt is reduced by such unscheduled payments and the credit is cleared away more quickly. The occasionally demanded early repayment penalty for the negative interest loan of EUR 10,000 from creditend does not apply. A residual debt insurance is not available for this loan.

The 10,000 Euro loan is at your free disposal. It is not bound to any purpose and can thus be used, for example, easily for the purchase of a car or a debt restructuring.

First, the negative interest loan is to have over 10,000 euros for all officials, workers and employees with regular income. Freelancers, retirees or even students are excluded from the offer. As with many other loans, you must not have negative credit bureau entries. The other conditions correspond to those of any other loan and, for example, presuppose your legal age, your place of residence in Germany or a German bank account.

credit bureau Scoring
An examination of the creditworthiness of a prospective customer is mandatory for all lending. For the processing of your loan application therefore a credit bureau information is needed. This process is credit bureau-neutral, so that your score is not burdened. In addition, you will need the usual information about yourself and your finances. If the negative interest loan over 10,000 euros comes about, the credit bureau receives the same information about it as any other loan. If your loan application fails, it will not affect your credit bureau score.

No profitable model
Keep in mind that you can only take the offer of a negative interest loan once per provider. With the negative interest loan of 10,000 euros from creditend you will achieve a plus of about 40 euros. Of course, regular repetitions, which could be profitable, are not possible.

So apply for the negative interest loan

So apply for the negative interest loan

The application for your negative interest loan over € 10,000 is still possible until October 7, 2018 and takes no more than a few minutes. Comfortable and with few steps you reach your destination. You do not even have to leave home for the entire process. If your credit worthiness of the bank is sufficient, you have within a maximum of 2 working days the 10.000 Euro in the account.

Step 1:
Start the credit comparison. Click here and accept the completed fields. These should be preset to 24 months maturity, 10,000 euro loan amount and a “free use”. If not, select these options from the fly-out menu on the left. Click on the “Next” field to go to the next page.

Step 2:
Next, fill in all the required personal and financial information truthfully. With this step, the credit comparison is based on your credit rating. For this, your credit bureau score is also queried, which is neutral and without impact. At the end you will receive a selection of non-binding loan offers. If your credit rating for the negative interest loan exceeds € 10,000, select it.

Step 3:
If the negative interest loan of more than € 10,000 is suitable for you, only the identification and your signature are necessary. Take the first step with the Video Ident procedure. For this you need your ID card and a computer or a smartphone with a camera. The contract is then also signed digitally. You will receive a numerical code that you must use.

Step 4:
Once all previous steps have been successfully completed, there is nothing in the way of transferring the loan amount to your checking account. The payment is usually made within one to two working days. Pay the loan installments reliably and punctually over the agreed 24 months. In addition, if you have the opportunity, it pays to deposit special repayment installments.


With a loan amount of more than 10,000 euros, a lot can already be done. If you receive interest instead of having to pay, that’s all the better. In fact, a current account with such a credit over 2 years would be less profitable due to the current low interest rates. However, this bill has the catch that despite everything you have to go into debt and deal with relatively rigid loan conditions. creditend gives you a generous offer, but limits the flexibility of the loan. If you get involved, you will be aware of your future burden per month from the outset. This must be carried without any ifs and buts, so that the negative interest loan over 10,000 euros really worth it for you. That the credit provider creditend would like to give away no time, proves the elimination of a prepayment penalty and the possibilities of free special repayment. You are entitled to 24 months for full repayment and not one day longer.

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